Jesuit Secondary Education Committee, (JSEC)

This is a committee intended to promote Jesuit Education within our Jesuit Schools of Japan. When the “Four Schools Forum” was held in 1985, we realized we were faced with the reality of advancing ages and decline in numbers of Jesuits serving at our schools. Accordingly, a committee was established for purposes of enabling the faculty and staff to deepen their grasp and practice of Jesuit education. Focusing on Training A for younger members of the faculty and staff and Training B for mid-career individuals, we organized every other year activities oriented towards the diffusion and enhancement of Jesuit education. In recent years we have also been boosting cooperation with Jesuit schools around the globalizing world, by means of the Magis Network.

Sophia University earlier had the Catholic Center as the institution in charge of campus ministry. However in 2016, with the merger of our higher educational institutions (the University and Junior College) and secondary educational institutes (Rokko Gakuin, Eiko Gakuen, Hiroshima Gakuin, and Sophia Fukuoka) it was newly launched as the Catholic Jesuit Center, so as to acquire and realize a more insightful grasp of Jesuit education. Thus the homepage has been revamped, and we intend circulating various bits of news on Catholic education, not just to Jesuit schools but other Catholic schools as well.