An introduction to the Catholic Center


Sophia University was born in 1913. In 1987 a “Guidance Center for Catholics” was opened due to our concern for the pastoral needs of our students, and later the Catholic Center came into being in order to conduct religious activities within the precincts, such as organizing Holy Mass during entrance and graduation ceremonies, arranging daily Mass for believers, conducting Bible study groups, and so on.

In 2016, the Rokko Gakuin Junior and Senior High Schools of Kobe, the Eiko Gakuen Junior and Senior High Schools of Kamakura, the Hiroshima Gakuin Junior and Senior High Schools of Hiroshima, and the Sophia Fukuoka Junior and Senior High Schools of Fukuoka were added to the Sophia School Corporation, which had so far directed only the University, the Junior College, and the Vocational Institutes. Accordingly, a new school corporation arose. At the same time however the “Jesuit Education Promotion Center” had begun with the aim of enhancing Jesuit training, and in 2019, with the functional union of the Catholic Center and Jesuit Education Promotion Center, the “Catholic Jesuit Center” (CJ Center) was launched.

In close alliance with the schools run by the Sophia School Corporation we have set up four sections, namely for Campus Ministry, Research, Collaboration, and Training. We aim to cultivate “Ignatian Leadership” through “cherishing and intensifying Jesuit Education” and “building an educational network, and we aim to conduct our activities in line with the youth, who are scheduled to be leaders of the generation to come.