A memorial exhibition, “The Spiritual Legacy of St.Ignatius”, is now being held.


A memorial exhibition, “The Spiritual Legacy of St. Ignatius”, is now being held at the exhibition space on the first floor of Sophia University Building 6.This is one of the projects to commemorate the “Ignatian Year”, related with the photo exhibition “Following the Footsteps of St. Ignatius…” currently being held on the wall in front of the Catholic Jesuit Center on the first floor of Building 2.
The exhibition consists of three parts.On the left side, three paintings are displayed on panels: “The Portrait of St. Francis Xavier”, “Painting featuring the words, “The Fifteen Mysteries of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God – The Eucharistic Adoration”, and “St. Ignatius and two Companions, namely St. Peter Faber, and St. Francis Xavier”.
The central display is inspired by the room in the Jesuit headquarters in Rome, where St. Ignatius lived, prayed, offered Mass, and fulfilled his duties as the first Superior General of the Jesuits.In this room, St. Ignatius received reports from the missionaries he sent around the world and wrote about 7,000 letters of encouragement and suggestions. St. Ignatius’ book “Spiritual Exercises” is also displayed on the desk.
On the right, you can see missionary clothes (Soutane) and hat (Biretta) that have been recently tailored to adopt to Japanese culture.

On the left, explanatory note and panels of the three paintings are displayed.

Missionary clothes (Soutane) and hat (Biretta)