Regarding “Ignatian Year”


To See All Things Anew in Christ


By Fr. Lee Sung-il, SJ
Director, Catholic Jesuit Center


The Year of St. Ignatius
From May 20, 2021 to September 31, 2022


Ignatius, who had suffered injuries in the Battle of Pamplona, was sent to the Castle of Loyola in his hometown, where he experienced conversion while being forced to undergo recuperation. Later however he acquired companions, and came to found the Society of Jesus. It was on May 20, 1521 that he was wounded during the Battle of Pamplona, and hence 2021 will be precisely 500 years since the incident occurred. The Jesuits have designated the period since the commencement of the conversion of Ignatius until his demise in Rome on July 31st as the “Year of St. Ignatius.” The purpose behind this is to fulfill the mission of the Society of Jesus in current times, and to enable the Jesuits themselves to follow the path of conversion and “see all things anew in Christ.”
It is our wish that Sophia University too which is linked to the Mission of the Society of Jesus, will unite its reasoning with that of the Society, and commemorate this year in an appropriate manner.


The explanation of the Logo: The letter ‘s’ in the name of Ignatius is made to look like the numeral 5, and two zeros are added to create the number 500.