Catholic Q&A

Christians often speak of the “call of God” or “will of God.” Is it possible for us to know what God wants of us? If that is so, how do we come to know it?

When I use the expression “call of God,” I speak figuratively. I am certainly not saying that we hear a real voice. Rather, in the course of the experiences of your life of faith, you sense what God is asking of you.

For that however, an experience of prayer is essential. If you develop the habit of quietly reflecting upon yourself before God, you will gradually come to know what the “will of God” is for you.

First of all, ponder seriously over the matter in prayer, and then do what you think you ought to do. On doing so, if you experience a profound joy within the depths of your heart, it would mean that the decision you took was the correct one before God. The joy that God grants us is not something merely superficial. He grants us the type of joy that touches the very root of our being, as a sign of Himself. In the course of a long lifetime, if you can ascertain the fact that you changed and grew at that point, it can be said that the decision was something that God wanted of you.

However, let us not get too fanatical. As far as possible we human beings are expected to take decisions by using the power of reason that has been granted to us, and by acting with the will that is given to us. On reflecting back upon the activities of a long life, you will realize that it was due to the guidance of God.

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