Catholic Q&A

I am very much interested in astrology. I have been helped by horoscopes when I was depressed. Does that disqualify me as a Christian?

I know what you mean about feeling low and wanting to try fortune-telling in order to see what happens. Every human being deserves happiness, and people yearn for whatever promises them happiness. Astrology existed in all ages and cultures. It was common in primitive societies, and even today, as there is no end to the number of people seeking future happiness, astrology and palm reading are still in vogue.

Nevertheless though, if you really believe in divination, it would be to believe that the destiny of mankind is determined by something independent of human will. That would be superstition and an act of harmful perversion. The future of mankind lies in the history of the interwoven dialogue between God and man, and it is still open and undecided. Our moment-to-moment decisions and acts in responding to the call of God, are a preparation for the next calling from God. What we create within the guidance of God with freedom and responsibility, is the future.

At times, we doubtless get the feeling that something beyond our control is at work in our everyday lives. “Luck” seems to be at work in things both good and bad, and when misfortunes persist we want to “get rid of the bad luck.” Such feelings are natural for human beings, and Christian faith does not forbid them. The problem however is, how do we integrate them into genuine faith? We do so by trusting in the providence of the Almighty God, and by bearing in mind the fact that without His sanction not even a little sparrow can fall to the ground, (Matthew 10:29). If you strike bravely, chances are that “luck” will surely open up for you. In cases like this you may even implore the aid of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints. Hanging a holy picture inside your room and wearing a medallion around your neck, may also “work.”

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