Catholic Q&A

If your religion were different, would you go to a different place after death?

Some people are worried that if they were baptized as Christians, they would not be interred within the family tomb after death. It is certainly true that depending on the sect there are temples where rules are strict, and in a family, even if a single person were to become a Christian, they would insist that the person be interred in a separate place. Well, if you ask me, I don’t think you need to be too particular about graves, crypts, and so on. Even if you happen to be a Christian, you can be buried in a temple grave or have a Buddhist funeral, depending on the circumstances. Even if a person was publicly buried according to Buddhist custom and laid to rest in the grave of the temple along with his family members, a private memorial mass can still be offered for that person within the church. This is because God is one, and there is no religious variance or distinction in denominations before him.

In Christianity, belonging to different religious denominations does not mean going to different places after death. Regardless of your religion if you live according to your beliefs and convictions, you will be welcomed by the families of God’s children, by those who have lived in accordance with the will of God. As regards the sort of appearance we will have at that time, it is an issue surpassing our imagination. It may be something vastly different from what we imagine right now. Whatever be the case, the family of the children of God is one. There will be no distinction among denominations, and a joyful fellowship of those who participate in the life of God will be seen. We believe also that we will once again meet our family members who have passed away.

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