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Was the event of “Pentecost” as presented in the “Acts of the Apostles” a one-time event? Cannot it be experienced by us today?

The “Acts of the Apostles” describes in a dramatic fashion how the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples of Jesus, how it fortified them as Christians, and how they were sent into the world to work as the limbs of Christ. The birth of the primitive Church was indubitably a historical event. However the work of the Holy Spirit is not limited to the primitive Church. It is something that is ceaselessly given to the Church, and which guides the Church.

And if they possess a sense of faith individual Christians too can experience the work of the Holy Spirit, both now and forever. However, one should not think in terms of an overly sensational manner about the experience of the Holy Spirit. Don’t expect any great excitement or fiery passion. Rather, consider a genuine experience of the Holy Spirit as being something very sober. I personally am of the opinion that in the fading repetitiousness of everyday life, to take each step forward in a dauntless manner, to dare to have hopes of starting anew amidst life’s vexations and setbacks, and to venture to strive for fresh growth despite being aware of one’s physical and mental limitations, constitute a true experience of the Holy Spirit.

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