Catholic Q&A

I heard that Christianity strictly prohibits abortion. If there happen to be people with such an unfortunate past, is there no salvation for them?

Buddhism offers salvation to all sentient beings. It teaches that no matter how evil a person may be, he or she can attain salvation by adhering to the mercy of the Buddha. Then why does Christianity give the impression of being such an unyielding religion? However, did not Jesus narrate the parable of the shepherd who searches for a single lost sheep after leaving ninety-nine behind in the field? God the father is a person who has concern for each and every individual. His concern for every single person surpasses his concern for all. Regardless of what mistakes people may make, no one will be abandoned by him.

What matters is that we should not become desperate or give in to feelings of hopelessness. The teaching given to us by Jesus Christ was to accept our sinfulness as it is, to bear in mind the fact that there is someone who loves and cherishes us for what we are, and to return to that person.

No doubt abortion is a great sin that must be avoided. Nevertheless though, if someone happens to commit such an unfortunate sin we should never conclude that the person has been denied salvation, because Jesus Christ himself accepted the sins of the entire world and offered his life on the cross. The Christian faith teaches that on a certain day when the kingdom of God attains perfection, this injured world will be healed and purified, and all mankind including those buried in darkness will recover and attain a new life, in the eternity of God.

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