Catholic Q&A

I would like to learn something about Christianity. How do I go about it?

Well, the best way of getting to know Christianity is by studying its origins. Christianity originated from Jesus Christ. What sort of a person was Jesus Christ? What did he do and what did he say? What sort of a life did he live and how did he die? These are issues we need to first of all learn.

In order to learn about the life and teachings of Jesus we need to first of all read the Bible, and in the Bible it may be a good idea to begin with the Gospels, which convey the words and deeds of Jesus himself. However the Bible has been interpreted in a variety of ways, and some of these interpretations are exceedingly arbitrary. So to begin with you may need to get suitable guidance at a traditional Christian church. Hence a quick and easy method would be to pay a visit to a nearby church, and take a basic course or participate in a study session on Christianity.

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