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What is Sophia Campus Ministry: MAG+S Program?

University is a time to search for meaning, to go beyond the face value of daily events. Enrooted in the Catholic and Jesuit spirituality, Sophia University’s mission is to form ”For Others, with Others”. As an international university, Sophia is a place for learning, research and growth. In such a context, Campus Ministry、through MAG+S Program provides an opportunity for students to enhance their faith and spirituality and find greater meaning to their lives. Sophia Campus Ministry is an opened space to students of all religious traditions and those who may not belong to a church, synagogue, mosque or temple but want to explore their relationship with God in community with other students.
Campus ministry involves fun, prayer, conversation, a good meal together to connect and spend time with each other to discuss how faith is a strength and resource in the struggle of the frantic pace and demands of a student.
Our mission is also to complete projects with the homeless, refugees, Ecology and working with the poor at various sites in Japan and outside Japan.